Kártya olvasó motoros, CRT310-(R03)H-1CN, DC 12V, ATM-hez, KIOSK-hoz

Kártya olvasó motoros, CRT310-(R03)H-1CN, DC 12V, ATM-hez, KIOSK-hoz

Motoros hibrid kártyaolvasó készülék, CHIP/MAG/NFC kártya írás/olvasás,  RS232 interface, DC12V


Kártyanyílást elzáró mechanika

Anti skimming

"Kártya bevonása" opció

4db PSAM foglalat

VISA/MASTERCARD hardver minősítés







DC 12V±5%


•     Power consumption Static current: 110mA Peak current:<1.5A 


     Card carrying speed 


Approx 70cm/s






     Card standard 

Width:       53.92~54.18mm       Length:85.47~85.90 mm Thickness: 0.4mm~1.2mm                         (Ex-works setting0.8mm)








Please refer to section ‘Installation mechanism drawing ’.


     Card reading capability 

Can read Q card (TC-JS, TC-JT, JC-JI, TC-A) and 30% magnetic card with weak magnetism.



A.Vibration: No defect in all items of the characteristics under normal condition after exposed15min.each on X, Y and Z directions of 2mm amplitude, from10 to 50Hz/min vibrate.

B.Shock:Nodefect inall items of thecharacteristics under normal condition after shock one time


on X, Y andZ directions of 294M/S2, 11ms peak acceleration shock.


     Life cycle 

Transportationmechanism:500,000cyclesMin.(Cardmovedfromthefrontsidetotherearside, then from the rear side to the front side of the reader)

Magnetic head:1,000,000 pass Min.

IC card contact carrier and contact:300,000 time Min.


     Power off mode 


Poweroffmodewillbelaunchedwhenpowersupplyvoltageislowerthan10Vforaperiodthatis longer than 50 ms.






Failure rate: 


Magnetic card:<1/1,000( 15~25?,35~60%RH, perfect and standard card ) IC card:  <1/1,000,( 15~25?,35~60%RH, perfect and standard card ) RFID card:    <1/1,000,( 15~25?,35~60%RH, perfect standard card )


     Abnormal card 



Allowance of card warp: 2mm max.



>10 X104 hrs ( Electronic components only ) Note:250 times/day,25 days/month,300 hrs/month




Operation:        0?-50?,       0~90%RH   ( non-condensing )

Storage:           -25?~80?,   0~95% RH    ( non-condensing ,dried before usage ) Normal environment:15~25?,35~60%RH 


     Online download 



Support IAPonline download


     RoHS standard 



RoHS standard compliant


     IC card standard 



ISO7816 and EMV standard certified


e.g.(AT24C01, 24C02, 24C256, SLE4447, SLE4428, CPUT=0/T=1)


     RFID card standard 


ISO14443-3 compliant (TYPEA:e.g. S50,S70,ULetc )


compliant ISO14443-4(TYPEACPU,TYPE BCPU e.g. Mifare plus, Mifare DESFire etc)


     Magnetic card standard 


Physical characteristics: ISO7810 and7811 standard compliant Card dimensions::                      SO ISO7810ID-1- type card compliant

Embossing:                   ISO7811-1, -3 compliant Recording format:                                      ISO7811-2, -4, -5, -6 complaints






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